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I'm a speaker, author, blogger, consultant, and entrepreneur.


As principal consultant for Effective Networking, Inc., Diane Darling founded the company on the premise that everyone can learn to network, they just need to find their own style.

Combining interactive training, strategic planning and an exploration of the natural fears of networking, Darling demystifies the process by providing techniques that can be immediately implemented.

She has received rave reviews for her seminars and speeches and is increasingly sought after as an expert resource on the subject of networking.

McGraw-Hill commissioned her to write the definitive book on networking called The Networking Survival Guide which was published in April 2003 and went into a 2nd printing just 90 days after the book hit the shelves. Her 2nd book, Networking for Career Success was published in 2005. Both books are in seven languages including Chinese, Japanese, Taiwanese, Thai, Korean, Portuguese, and Indonesian.

She has appeared on NBC Nightly News, in The Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, and The Boston Globe.

She has lived in the Philippines, Thailand, Colorado, Indiana, Alabama and now in Boston, MA. Her travels include all seven continents and approximately 60 countries.

Her hobbies include watching football, reading, and attempting to play tennis. In order to overcome her fear of public speaking, she took acting and standup comedy classes.

Companies, universities, nonprofits:
For hiring Diane for speaking engagements, consulting projects or services, please call 617.247.2700.

Individuals contacting Diane:
I love hearing from readers, fellow networkers, aspiring authors, and many others. But due to my need to sleep more than four hours a night, I'm not able to respond to everyone's questions individually.

I am, however, available for private coaching sessions. If you'd like to schedule some time with me, email me for my rates and availability.

Frequently asked questions:
Kindly read before contacting me. There's a good chance your question is answered below.

Q. Will you accept my LinkedIn or Facebook invitation?
A. If we know each other, please note how in your invitation. If we don't, a personal referral is preferable. At bottom of anyone's LinkedIn page is Contact Settings. Please see my settings and guidelines for invites.

For Facebook, I first check your photographs and postings before I decide.

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Q. Can I pick your brain about my networking questions such as where I should network, what to do if I'm an introvert, or what I might be doing wrong?
A. This falls into my private coaching practice. An additional resource at no charge is my newsletter. Email me for my coaching rates.

Q. Will you make introductions to people in your network who I can sell my products/services to or get a job from.
A. The best way to have me help you is to learn about our consulting services. Due to time constraints I am limited to the number of companies/people I can provide quality help at any given time.

Q. Can I pick your brain about how to write, sell, or promote my book?
A. I have taught a workshop called "Lessons Learned from a First Time Author." If you are interested in a private session or getting a recording, please send me an email.

Q. Can I pick your brain about how to become a professional speaker?
A. I have taught a workshop called "Becoming a Professional Speaker." If you are interested in a private session, please send me an email. I'll hope to make a recording available before too long.

Q. Will you review or promote my book/product/website/event?
A. Promotional opportunities are available in my newsletter. If you would like to be a sponsor, please email me for rates.

Many thanks for your consideration!

Happy Networking ~ Diane Darling


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